Berry Bickle

Although I visited and enjoyed several exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, very few truly touched me emotionally. A work of art in an exhibition rarely provokes very strong feelings because you're prepared for it. Especially if you're an artist or if you frequent art galleries. You're about to enter a gallery or studio space so you know you're going to see something weird, different or even shocking. So if it is shocking, its at a bearable and sometimes dismissive distance. A truly powerful artist breaks through this mental shield we have and gets under your skin. Berry Bickle's video installation Ze had me rooted to the spot for several minutes. Here are two video stills from the Zimbabwe pavilion catalogue: Ze, 2011. Video Still. DVD Pal 9 min. Courtesy: Berry Bickle.

Ze, 2011. Video Still. DVD Pal 9 min. Courtesy: Berry Bickle.

The video still below from her website interested me because of her use of shadows, video and projection to create multiple versions of the same person. This is similar to my final installation being set up this month, where I use this method to create doubles.

between moment RED, Video Still. Berry Bickle.

Reference: Bickle, B. 2011. Seeing Ourselves. Zimbabwe Pavilion: Venice
Aditi Kulkarni