Anselm Reyle

The German artist Anselm Reyle's latest work is being exhibited at Galerie Isa in Mumbai. His brilliant decorative pieces are brave statements in an art world that so easily dismisses anything that seems 'commercial' or market oriented. Titled 'Indian Mylar Vision' the exhibition runs from Dec. 17th 2011 to Feb. 20th 2012 and should not be missed.

Untitled, 2011. Mixed media on canvas, acrylic glass. 143X122X24cm. Indian Mylar Vision, Galerie Isa, Mumbai.

The artist also talks about a topic that is close to my heart - the distinction between design and art and how his collaborations with companies such as Dior question these rigid definitions. 'I find it strange that the intersections between art and design are still so taboo,' he says while introducing his new work. 'Such practice was quite common in the 1920's as the Bauhaus style shows: along with its progression, the antagonism between craftsmen and artists have dissolved - at least for a while. And it did well.'

It is important to point out that art in India does not reject decoration outright. Local craftsmen have played important roles in Indian art today, and there are close links between folk tradition and modern and contemporary art in India.

Aditi Kulkarni