Ramkinkar Baij


I recently visited NGMA, where they had an exhaustive collection of this artist's work. At first I was skeptical about what was clearly a collection of work from a long ago era of Indian art. Personally, I favor viewing more radical or contemporary works. However it was enlightening to see his growth as a brilliant artist and the extent to which his personal philosophies, politics and ideas were so deeply and honestly entrenched in his work and life. Baij clearly 'lived' his ideals, spending a lot of time with the Santhals who were a prominent topic within his work. His abstract sculptures were a pleasure and my favorites amongst his life's work. His sculptures of animals were brilliant and at times even humorous.

Dog by Ramkinkar Baij, Terracotta, 1950's. 38.5 by 29.5 by 22cm. Image Source: Delhi Art Gallery.

The Poet by Ramkinkar Baij. 1938. Image Source.

Other works worth noting are The Harvest 1957 (oil on canvas), Atomika 1969 (oil on canvas), and a sculpture portrait of Pramod Ganguly (Plaster of Paris).