The First Post: Pondicherry


Blogging is a tricky thing, lots of people blog, and only a few are good. They say its a method of self expression, and yes, you could view it as a diary of sorts. But that could also be spectacularly boring. When i decided to blog, I knew it would record my evolution in a way... but I also knew I would put effort into it because it was a  Blog and therefore be published. That's the thing in a blog, its not your sketchbook or your secret diary. You are publishing it, and the whole angle changes basically. So this is my first post. I thought I would start out with a post on Pondicherry, India. Pondy Beach

I moved here about two months ago from Mumbai. It's a quiet and peaceful place, and I've discovered a beautiful house by the sea where I imagine I can finish my novel.

Pondicherry is an ex-french colonial town. The local language is tamil, but a lot of people still speak French due to the colonial hangover. Its a cute place, heavily influenced by Aurobindo's Ashram and Auroville. Due to these two spiritual hangouts, there are a lot of tourists here, both local and foreign. So for a small town in India the place is open-minded and very tolerant towards "western" behavior. I moved here for work, but I've found that the place really grows on you. Within a month or two I've already started recognizing people, even autorickshaws and waiters. Within another I'll probably be on first name basis with everyone!

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