Babuji Kodak Wala


I came across this tiny old store in Pondy the other day, full of signs, stickers, ancient photographs, and random(?) posters. This sign was really hilarious "No Kindly Don't Ask Wedding Negatives Yours Babuji" ^_^

No Kindly Dont Ask

And sorry about the below par pics and terrible stitching, the more I post the better I'll get :P

This is the entrance to the store:

Entrance To Store

Another sign says "Video Orders cannot be cancelled", and the cancellation charge is scratched out ^_^

Video Orders Cannot Be Cancelled

The old camera in the picture below (left hand side) made us realize that the store is very old, probably from French Colonial times, but we couldn't meet the owner to verify the facts. I'll update the post as soon as I know.

Detail Babuji Store

Another detail, its really like Found Art. Notice the photograph from 1981 framed on the wall. It says "Beauty of 1981."

Detail Babuji Store

A lot of stores in India have some sign or the other advising against buying on "credit," this was quite an original print that was put up on the cupboard. There is a notice in tamil also, but I can't read it :(

Credit vs. Cash

Many of these posters were up, advice and moral lessons etc (the typical):

Meaning of Photographer

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