Lucknow Food: Tundai Kababs and Dastarkhwan


I visited Lucknow some time back and had the most awesome food experience, I ate The Original Tundei Kababs, and the best chicken and mutton with parathas EVER in my entire life * sigh * - anyway if you're a foodie the foll. places are a must if you happen to be in Lucknow. These are pictures of Tundei Kababi, the place to get yummy kababs that really melt in your mouth. The original Tundei Kababs are beef, so if you don't eat beef you're really missing out.

tundei kababi beef kabab lucknow

If you want take away (and most people do), they are packed in these tiny pink mithai boxes:

tundei kababi lucknow food beef

Here are some of their famous parathas, they compliment the kababs well:

paratha tundei kababi

tundei kababi curry

A framed photograph of Haji Murad Ali (Tundey Kababi), who used to feed the nawabs in the old days of Lucknow. This can be seen from inside the small canteen that they have. You can sit and eat here, its quite decent, with families coming in and out. It says - "1877-1967, Serving Awadhi Cuisine Since 1897".

haji murad ali tundei kabab

Dastarkhwan is easy to reach since its kind of a landmark in Lucknow. Its on a small street full of similar road side restaurants that serve the same cuisine. Here it is says "Dastarkhwan Mughlai cuisine, Rich in taste Good in values."

dastarkhwan signage Lucknow food kabab kebab

Heres a pic of the street, with all the other roadside places. It wasn't too crowded at this time, but it picked up later on.

dastarkhwan street lucknow food

dastarkhwan food lucknow kabab

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