Lhasa: Tibetan Food


A Tibetan food place called Lhasa in Auroville was my Sunday lunch. I've really missed Tibetan food since I've come to Pondicherry. I love momo's and thukpa. Its quite easy to get in Ahmadabad because a group of nomadic Tibetan refugees travel there every winter, setting up shop for about 6 months. They sell woolens, and put up little diners next to their homes so that broke students can get a good, warm meal for 20 Rs. In Pondy, its difficult to find. The only two Tibetan places that do exist are in Auroville, which is too far from town for everyday eating. The momo's are good in Lhasa, but I don't know if they serve authentic Thukpa (noodle soup with mince meat and vegetables). A photo of the place, with a picture of the Dalai Lama framed at the center of the table:


Entrance to the restaurant:

entrance to lhasa

Here you can see a pic of the Tibetan flag, and an aquarium:


Entrance to the kitchen and the back of the house:


Once the food came, I was too busy eating, so no pics of the food. Next time I'll definitely put up pics of that :)

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