Love Goa


I haven't been to Goa for a year now. I had sworn to myself that I would make the trip every year, but its already getting too close to the tourist season. Goa is really no fun in dec-jan, because of the insane number of tourists. No point going there when the crowd is all City-Mumbai-Delhi,  the exact people you DON'T want to meet in Goa :) Some pics to give you a feel of the place, if you haven't been there:

shack on the beach

beach shack breakfast

canopies colva beach

bottles alcohol window display

liquor shop

shack at night, beach

Choose the catch of the day:

fresh fish from the sea

Cafe Central in Panjim, the best place for cakes, cookies and goodies:

cafe central goa

Street, Panjim:

in the middle

Entrance to Venite, a must-visit cafe in Panjim.

venite goa

Unused loo in the middle of nowhere:

loo in the middle of nowhere

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