Tio Tentacao


A new cafe/restaurant I discovered at Auroville last Sunday is called Tio Tentacao - as far as I discovered it is portuguese for "uncle temptation." The menu is varied, from African food and pizza's to pasta. We arrived a bit late though, almost ten pm - so there was nothing left but pizza's. Ten is quite late Auroville standards, most of the restaurants are shut and quite clearly everyone seems to be in bed. For a Mumbaikar like me who decides to have dinner by ten or eleven, its quite shocking. Entrance to Tio Tentacao:

tentacao entrance

The interiors are quite common, like all the terrace restaurants in and around Pondy, it has yellow lighting and a thatched roof. The Manchester United flag is an individual touch, though.


Smoking isn't allowed, but smoking the hookah is! Available in all flavours apple, peach, and pear :)


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