Pondicherry Port


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for not updating in so long, but my holidays were really busy :) What better way to start 2010 than to do a post on exploring restricted areas in Pondicherry. The port is closed to tourists for some reason, but there are two ways you can still get in. One is to take official permission which takes about a week, and the other is to convince the guard to let you through in whatever way possible. It would be good to remember that we only got in on our third try so getting permission is a good idea!

It is a completely abandoned area, left to literally rust. Once you enter, this statue stands in the middle of the road.

The pier:

The lighthouse seen in the photograph below is still functional. My next aim is to get to the top of the lighthouse. Though we will have to get official permission for that. Security is pretty strict by the beach side because of "terror threats". The coast guard can be seen doing regular rounds from the beach.

The end of the pier:

View of the promenade from the pier:

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