Switzerland bans Minarets


It's sad to see the levels of intolerance and ignorance in a supposedly developed country like Switzerland. They banned the construction of minarets in Nov. 2009. and a majority of 60% of the votes was FOR the motion. Check out this shocking example of posters that were put up all over the country, convincing people to vote for this ban:

Image Via http://muslimmatters.org/2009/11/30/the-case-of-the-swiss-minarets/

The Poster says: "Stop", and "Yes to the Minaret Ban."

What an excellent example of Swiss Graphic Design! Because it worked, and the ban is in place. Of course, there are protests against the motion now, but the fact that it was passed by a popular vote cannot be denied. It makes the Swiss pretty similar to all the Muslim countries that don't allow any other religion besides their own. Intolerance and hatred is clearly rising on both "sides" of the fence.

Update: This article by Spiked editor Brendan O'Neill is a must-read: Don't ban the burqa - but don't celebrate it, either - Why we shouldn't invite the state to police our beliefs and thoughts.

Aditi Kulkarni4 Comments