Fish Market


The one in Pondicherry is tiny but rich with the sound of women auctioning off the morning's catch. It was also a lesson for me when it comes to issues of consent when you're using a camera. It was 6 am and I was yelled at for taking pictures, one woman asked me for 500 Rs. while another went on a tirade about how people come early in the morning to torture them. I wouldn't have understood what they were saying if it wasn't for a friend who happily translated for me and told me to ask for permission before I go on a clickathon. Apparently foreign tourists love such places and flock to them to get a taste of "India", and so they feel harassed. Suitably intimidated by the huge women, I meekly asked before taking pictures so I ended up with 3. Each one taken with permission by the way. One woman sounded like she was telling me to fuck off, so she isn't in any of the pictures below :) Market:



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