Radioactive Waste Dumped by Delhi University

A scrap metal worker died when he tried to dismantle an irradiation machine sold by Delhi University at an auction. Several others that were exposed have been hospitalized. Cobalt-60 had leaked from the machine, and on investigation it was found that several scrap shops in the area had similar leaking machines. Apparently, they are still trying to contain the incident because only a few of the 48 Cobalt-60 pencils have been found. When respected institutions like Delhi University cannot handle radioactive materials responsibly (or at least without killing people) one can only wonder how the Government is handling such waste materials across the nuclear plants we already have.

Clearly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. A university chemist, Professor Ramesh Chandra says that 20 kg's of radioactive waste was buried on the campus itself 20 yrs back,

"...More than 20kg...was buried in front of the physics department during 1986-87." [BBC]

I can only pray that the authorities are going to come down hard on these criminals, quickly and effectively. Though that is probably just wishful thinking. Already the media has stopped reporting the incident, on to its next, more spicy topic of interest.