9 Advantages of Living in the "Third World"

1. You can never forget, even for a day, how privileged you really are. Just look outside your window. Note: You are privileged because a) You are not starving, and b) You have access to the internet. 2. You never know when your day may turn into a surprise holiday or adventure due to religious riots, terrorism, taxi strike, rickshaw strike, train strike, or self-proclaimed bandh by some political party.

3. Bad water? No problem. Natural immunity and a strong stomach is inborn and strengthened in the "third world" due to years of plain survival, and eating and drinking at places with suspected hygiene levels. If you do contract TB or malaria by mistake it is only through bad luck, and anything that doesn't kill you has only made your immunity even stronger.

4. Going green was never so easy. Saving water is sensible because you don't have access to the precious resource 24 hrs a day. Brushing your teeth from a single mug of water does not faze you. All those who depend on private water tankers raise their hands!

5. Saving electricity comes naturally to you. It does not need extra effort or concentration because frankly its the simple matter of reducing your astronomical electricity bills so you can pay your rent.

6. Afraid of getting addicted to the internet? No problem! In the "third world" this dangerous affliction is easily solved because smooth access to the internet is impossible. Here you are sure to experience an interesting combination of server problems, intermittent power failure, cable line failure, super-slow unlimited broadband, super-slow 3G/4G, absence of wi-fi in office or anywhere outside your home, and in extreme cases having to share your internet connection with your family.

7. You do not feel guilty about downloading movies and music illegally. In fact you did not even know this is illegal. On top of that frankly, the government has bigger fish to fry e.g. terrorism, poverty, corruption, and farmer suicides.

8. DIY? What is that? In the "third world" there is no concept of Do-It-Yourself. Want to get water from the kitchen? Hire someone to bring it for you. Want your computer rebooted? Hire someone. Clean the house? Wash the dishes? Same answer. Want your iPhone cracked? Your local retailer will do it in ten minutes. Face it. Labour is cheap.

9. Acquiring a state of Zen living is easy in the "third world". If it's an overpowering smell of urine, lack of personal space, or even a three-hour traffic jam, we either ignore it or bear it with a resigned sense of fate. The trick is to accept it, and not let it interfere with your inner calm.


Feel free to add anything that comes to mind, and thanks to Tara for her insightful points...

Aditi Kulkarni7 Comments