Jinnah as Voldemort


The Indian print media is at times nothing more than a collection of titillating and shallow reports of what they think readers want to read and too many advertisements. This took ridiculous proportions when the Times of India compared Jinnah to Voldemort. As a diehard Harry Potter fan I found this hilarious and mildly offensive. As a reader I found this severely disappointing because I was not reading a tabloid. I stopped taking such newspapers seriously after that, and now I depend on a combination of blogs, wikinews, and a few carefully chosen RSS feeds for balanced news reports. Jinnah was a politician and a lawyer, and the founder of Pakistan. The article was a poor attempt to cover an entire page with dribble about how Jinnah is blamed for the partition and everyone in India overreacts to the issue. I had to suffer through the article title "He who must not be named" and "Dark Lord of 1947? The role's been taken by 'you know who.'" And all because newspapers think this stuff is "news." I could try and deconstruct this as some twisted post-modernist example of media hype, but I will refrain.

Even more disturbing is the illustration where Jinnah is Voldemort with a ball of glowing Islam in his hand. Clearly anti-islamic.

Aditi Kulkarni1 Comment