Gallery Hopping


Heavenly Creatures, Group exhibition curated by Artnesia, The Aubin Gallery, 4th Nov. to 24th Dec. 2010.

Hot Chocolate, 2009 by Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom (Ghana, 1983). Porcelain cat, fireplace DVD, TV monitor, dark chocolate; Variable Size. Heavenly Creatures exhibition at the Aubin Gallery.

Flowers that bloom tomorrow by Yayoi Kusama, presented by Victoria Miro. 7th Oct to 13th Nov. 2010.

Story of Rice Installation of neon lights in a circular formation (8 words), 2006 Edition of 3. Partially visible is Story of Rice Installation of neon lights (33 characters) on angled wooden sheld, 2006. Edition of 3. Utopia on the Horizon by Suki Chan, TinType Gallery, 11th Nov. to 18th Dec. 2010.

Art by unknown person near the entrance of Hales Gallery, London.

First Class (A Night to Remember, 1958). Still Life by Dawn Clements, Hales Gallery, 22nd Oct to 20th Nov. 10 meter drawing weaves multiple edited scenes from the film a Night to Remember (1958).

Installation by unknown artist at the entrance of Archichaos exhibition, Artstanding.

Unstructured Body by Tiphaine De Bodman, 2010. Archichaos, Curated by Julia Van Hagen/Artstanding.

Archichaos Exhibition, ArtStanding, 14th Oct to 13th Nov. 2010.

The Other Side 24th Sept. 2010. No. 18, The Independent, by Damian Ortega. A selection of outcomes in reaction to the news from 19.08 to 27.09/10.


Detail, the Independent by Damian Ortega

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