60 MPC


Sixty Million Postcards is about three minutes walking from my place, has a great atmosphere, free entry, affordable drinks, and most importantly - good music. I've seen them asking people for membership cards before entry but as far as I know that only happens to people the bouncers don't like (not me). And they actually have hundreds and millions of postcards stuck on the bar and theĀ ceilingĀ and everywhere.

I had terrible luck yesterday though. It was too crowded because I forgot it was Saturday, an annoying good-looking blonde next to me took ten minutes to decide what to have, the bartender ignored me in favour of the blonde (of course), the guy behind me dropped his drink on my boots, and when I waved at another bartender to get his attention, a third one said I should stop waving or I would never get a drink. Now check out some random fan messages left for 60 mpc in the girls bathroom:

Aditi Kulkarni3 Comments