How to buy alcohol in the UK (if you are not old-looking)

1. Ensure that all friends and acquaintances travelling with you have their ID proving that they are above 18. If even one person in the group does not have it, make them go away or act like you don't know them for the next 20 mins. 2. Enter the supermarket from where you plan to buy the alcohol.

3. Pick up your chosen beverage, snacks and supplies.

4. Go to the counter.

5. At the till, keep your ID ready and be positive.

6. If you are lucky, they will accept your ID. If not they will inform you that they only accept UK identification and/or an INTERNATIONAL driver's license. In these sad cases, my Indian driving license, Indian PAN card, and student ID from the United Nations is deemed suspect. (All 3 id's prove that I'm 25 with a photo).

7. If you're ID is rejected due it not being issued by an EU or UK authority (United Nations is not counted) do not fret. Most importantly do not argue. Do not tell them that you cannot possible carry your passport everywhere with you. Do not tell them that other stores have accepted this ID several times before. Do not tell them that your passport is with the Italian embassy and what are you supposed to do now?

8. Be positive. After all, this proves that you look below 18 (Yeah right).

9. Go to an off-license store. They accept Id's not from the UK/EU. They are open till late and have more choices anyway. The End.