Out of Sight

Organized by AUCB students George Bills, Louise Byng, Michael Compton, Nathan Hackett, Ashley Peevor and Laurie Ramsell the exhibition displayed work by over 30 artists from varied disciplines. Converting an abandoned car park into an art space was a great idea. And being located on busy Winton high street helped push the number of visitors to over 1000 in just one week. The dead space literally came alive and a lot of local people were curious about a familiar space suddenly full of art and noise.

I'd rather be by I.Nash, Mixed media.

The Brain is a performance by L.Byng.

Detail, Stop. Look left, look right by L.Banks. Pen.

Untitled by George Bills.

Detail. Survival by H.Macedo, textiles.

We will make things for you, cardboard stall by Ollie Adams and Bana Toutounjee.

This was very popular with the audience, especially children. All you had to do was submit a sketch of what you wanted, and enthusiastic volunteers would make it for you, absolutely true to the sketch. Several people came back the one or two days later to pick up their precious hand-made goodies.

Residents by E.Vazquez, paper mache.

Lego City by A.Kulkarni. Toy blocks and projection.

Overall participating in the event was a rich and rewarding experience. It inspired me to try and organize something similar in Mumbai or Bangalore, there are definitely enough enthusiastic people here too :)

Press: BHBeat, Arts Bournemouth,AN.

Aditi Kulkarni