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THT Installation

My collaborative interactive piece at The Humming Tree, an amazing space for artists and musicians to showcase their work. Since it is a pub, it was important for the work to be safely installed and most of all engaging. I collaborated with textile designer Priyanka Patel on this piece, and she came up with a brilliant idea of using six hundred chai cups to make the screen. Initially I planned to use ping pong balls, but the chai cups were much more practical to use. It ended up giving the work it's own unique flavour, which is the best result of such collaborations.

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Tobari no Akari

"Tobari no Akari" 「帳 の 灯り(or 明かり){とばりのあかり}」means like "dim light in night curtain," "tobari" means traditional japanese curtain which was mostly used when people sleep. We only use this word to explain "evening" in poetic expression now. For example, we say "Yoru(night) no tobari(夜の帳)" means "robe of night" or "veil of darkness" "no" is " 's" in "Taro's pen". "akari" means dim light, in this case Tobari implies the flame of the projector.

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