We Only Play Electronica

Recently I went to a beach party at a resort near Pondicherry. I was having a good time, the crowd was good (no stags allowed so no lecherous men), and the music was good. The party lasted till 5 in the morning, with about 200 people on the dance floor. But one particular event really pissed me off. So here we were enjoying the music, and I suddenly felt like a Michael Jackson song. Although I'm not a die-hard fan, I'm still a fan and who doesn't enjoy a good MJ song? Anyway so here I am making my way up to the DJ (there were 3 of them) and I politely make a request for a MJ song. And what is the answer I get?

"We only play Electronica"

Fuck - how can you be so stuck up? I mean, MJ is MJ, and the DJ went on to snootily tell me that he doesnt have even ONE Michael Jackson song in his system. Am I supposed to believe that? Here I was enjoying their music since eleven in the night, and they refuse to play even one simple request. The worst thing is that I couldn't think of a suitably rude and witty remark to tell the little fucker off.


Aditi KulkarniComment