Subash Chandra Bose is still alive: Conspiracy Theory

One of the most famous freedom fighters from India, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had an extremely mysterious death. Its a well-known conspiracy theory or should I say theories. Many people believe that he's not really dead, and that he's still alive even though he would probably be a 110 yrs old. Wiki says there was no plane crash and therefore his ashes are not really his ashes, since they were never recovered. I always believed the plane crash story, that's what we were taught in school and that's what was printed in my school history books. This is definitely not true though. The Taiwanese government has said that there have been no plane crashes in the area from the "14 August and 20 September 1945", and the same was authenticated by the US government.

Since the crash didn't happen, we're left with a wide range of possibilities:

1.) Murdered by a political enemy

2.) He escaped to/landed up in Soviet Russia and was then imprisoned in Siberia prison where he eventually died.

3.) Information on how he died has been covered up by the Congress government since it is damaging to them. This is why they denied the report by the Mukherjee Commission which states that he did not die in a plane crash.

  • Some people believe that Nehru had him killed/exiled since he knew that if Netaji returned to India after his successful attempts at building armies and garnering support abroad, he would take over as PM, therefore sidelining Nehru.

4.) There are stories and rumours that he became a sadhu and returned to die an old man in India itself.

Where was he going when he died?

The wiki itself is contradictory it says:

"Officially, Bose died in a plane crash over Taiwan, while flying to Tokyo on 18 August 1945. It is believed that he was on route to the Soviet Union in a Japanese plane when it crashed in Taiwan, burning him fatally."

So it is not clear whether he was flying to the Soviet Union or Japan when he disappeared. Several of his die-hard fans will argue that even today he is still alive in some form or another, and that he can't really "die".

Aditi KulkarniComment