Fake Sprite Bottles: Which one's real?


We were eating at a roadside restaurant near Mohammad Ali road, the best place to get awesome kababs, meat rolls, etc. All of us ordered Sprite to drink because plain water, even bottled, could be a bit risky in that area. Five minutes into the meal, we notice that each bottle has a different font, with a different Sprite logo: Sprite Bottles

For those that didn't see it the first time, here's a more focussed look - notice the "p's" and the lemons. I love noticing this stuff, and freaking people out. lol.

I mean, if this isn't Sprite, what is it?

Sprite Bottles

Looked on the net for the actual thing (as far as I can discern). Check out the main differences between the four found bottles, and the one below:

1. The lemon is squashed in the first two, is absolutely redrawn in the fourth

2. The "trademark.." text below the logo is absent in all four

3. The p is drawn differently in all of them.

Sprite Bottle

[Image via www.pbase.com]

Not at all surprising was the fact that it didn't taste different at all, whoever was making the stuff, and running their tiny business somewhere in Mumbai; at least made sure that it tasted pretty much the same.

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