Mumbai: Rikshaw and Taxi signs


A classic is "BeautyFull Wife, DangerFull Life" - a hilarious sign stuck at the back of a rik in Mumbai. I just about managed to take a pic in the fast moving traffic: rik-danger

I like the way its been written too, they've chosen a free font reminiscent of old horror movies.

Singh Is King

This is a more typical one since its inspired by a popular Bollywood movie called "Singh is King." Its also possible that this is being used to show off the Sikh identity of the driver, since the movie popularizes a Sikh hero. But its also worth mentioning that there was some controversy about the movie. Some parts of the Sikh community felt that the movie "ridiculed" them instead of glorifying them.

The symbol used here is from the one used in the Nishan Sahib, the flag of the Sikhs. This proves that together the combination of flag symbol and movie title is being used to claim a proud Sikh identity.

The free font used here is a typical choice: decorative and gothic, almost reminds me of blackletter Fette Fraktur.

Aditi KulkarniComment