Urban Graphics


These is a series of photographs that attempt to describe the urban landscape around me from the past few months. I am always fascinated by the easy mix of urban and traditional, old and new, ugly and beautiful, traditional and contemporary. Tamil movie posters pasted on corrugated aluminium sheets line the streets of Chennai. It's a common sight across the country, but these have their special melodramatic charm!

tamil move posters

Another poster, this time a strange pet show is being advertised. Note the barbed wire that I hadn't even noticed while taking the picture:

Commercial posters - advertising...?

Early morning; women draw rangoli's in front of their home's: simple white lines.


Here rangoli has been painted using more permanent colours, outlining a special area for this bike's parking.

rangoli beneath bike


rangoli below bike

The wall graphics below seem to advertise a plumber, but I've never seen this shop open. Love the detail of the water pump and flush.

water pipe wall graphics

The phone number is all scratched out.

wall graphics graffiti

A post box with old posters peeling off, layering over time.

street graphics

We've covered, ads, movies, religion, and now posters on politics:

politicians poster

Decorative flowers floating in water, arranged in a pattern. This is common at several restaurants and hotels as a sign of welcome:

flower rangoli

Rows of tiny magazines on a local newspaper stand:

magazine rack pondicherry

I'll end with a cycle rickshaw! If you look really carefully you can see that the driver is fast asleep inside his rickshaw, a bit of his head is visible on the right hand side. Afternoon naps are very important in Pondicherry! :)

cycle rikshaw

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