Illustrations by the Government


These are some illustrations painted on the walls by the streets advertising policies of the government. Most of it was in Tamil, but some of them were written in English too. What interested me was the way this was painted and coloured. Illustrations by the government

I can only guess what these are supposed to mean. This one below should be about educating women, because the girls are smiling and holding books.

women studying illustration by the government

This one is about taking care of the elderly, since money is being given it looks like welfare, but that is strange, because there is no welfare concept in India. Nobody gets it, really.

old man illustration by the government

This is a picture of men and women working at a construction site. I don't know what policy this is trying to illustrate.

people working illustration by the government

This is clearly about development and industrialization:

bull dozer development illustration by the government

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