My favourite Mumbai Cafe's


One of the few places to get good coffee in Mumbai is Cafe Madras. The signage at the entrance is clean, and hasn't changed for years and years. It's trademark filter coffee, quick service, affordable prices and typical dosa-idly menu help in maintaining its loyal customer following. Cafe-Madras_Lettering

More signs at the entrance, and today's specials drawn on the chalk board below.


Yazdani Bakery is one of those old, forgotten Irani Cafe's that I really love. I feel really bad about these old Cafe's not doing so well anymore. You keep hearing that they are shutting down one by one. I plan to do more posts on these cafe's once I am in Mumbai again. I really appreciate the detail and individuality that goes into these cafe's, each has the owners touch, and the owner is right there to add to the authenticity and friendliness of the place.

stamp as wall hanging, yazdani bakery

yazdani bakery

Feel free to add your favourite Mumbai Cafe's :)

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