A Wedding Invite, Pondy Style


A local wedding invite found its way to my office desk a few weeks ago. I was totally fascinated by the visual mix of French Colonial, Catholic, Tamil, and Hindu, the perfect representation of what Pondicherry is all about. The cover is Hallmark, a floral cliche image, pink roses and the rest:

wedding card cover

Page 1 goes back to one colour printing. It shows a colonial looking couple, with the white wedding dress and everything:

open wedding card

Note the cross at the top of the second page, and the couple putting garlands on each other near the bottom. Using flower garlands is an important ritual in a Hindu wedding, however it is used here as a symbol only.

close up wedding card

A thali with an envelope, another illustration that decorates the wedding invitation.

wedding thali

Illustration detail - couple putting flower garlands on each other. I really love the detail here although it looks typical, the stark and simple lines make it stand out.

couple close up

Aditi Kulkarni15 Comments