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The exhibition @rt Virtually Real is on at the Art Alive Gallery in Gurgaon, Delhi till 20th Oct of this year. Curator Georgina Maddox describes the exhibition as a platform for young and emerging artists to explore 'dual and multiple selves that are created both in real life and the Internet.'

"How do artist's respond to this widening market? Has it changed the way they position themselves or the way they perceive their audience? @rt Virtually Real pursues this trajectory and enquired, through the works of selected artists, is virtual reality now more real than reality itself? How does it percolate as associations and triggers that effect the way artists perceive their world. How do they fashion their personal politics around this?" Georgina Maddox, Independent curator and art critic.

It was an amazing experience to meet the other artists and be amongst the chosen few selected to participate in the first annual event for It took about 4 days of hard work and continuous support from Sunaina Anand and the awesome team at Art Alive to setup my interactive video installation in the gallery space. Photos and videos of my work will be up soon. In the meantime here's a preview of the exhibition for all those who may not be able to make it.

Green Peas by P. Bujinga Rao. 60" x 25" x 19" Rexene, Toys, Iron, Sponge, Zip and Fiber Glass.

I'm fire..and heat.. A Rumba in motion as whoopee… by Satadru Sovan. 20″ x 30″ Acrylic on Paper.

Fragmented Cities 2012 by Aditi Kulkarni. Interactive video installation. Variable dimensions. (Detail).

Fragmented Cities (Detail).

Untitled by Pratap Morey. 40" x 30" x 2.3" Graphite Drawings, Engravings, Archival Print Folded and Pasted on Archival Board. Image courtesy of Art Alive Gallery, from the @rt Virtually Real Show Catalogue.

May I Assist You (Detail) by Vigil Chooliyad. Mixed Media on Canvas, Acrylic, M-Seal & Metal. Size Variable.

Artist Vijil Chooliyad sets up his installation. May I Assist You (Detail).

Let me Live III by Harekrishna Talukdar. 42" x 19" x 8" Fibre Glass.


Catalogue and Invite.

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