Pixel Pasta Collaboration

The performance was a collaboration between Stray Factory's live music and contemporary dance along with Abhishek Ghate who helped build and create the interactive installation. Overall, it was an exciting experience since it helped me look at new directions I can take my practice towards. The combination of music, dance and the video installation made a very different and complex work, and several more iterations are required before we reach a finished piece.

Performance by dancer Divya Murthy, singer Shilpa Natarajan and Mathivanan Rajendran from Stray Factory. Interactive installation by artist Aditi Kulkarni and designer Abhishek Ghate.

Usually I would not invite audience to view an experimental setup like this, basically before it has been rehearsed well or fine-tuned. However I felt sharing it with people would help me understand how to take it further, discuss this potential idea and even get useful comments. I also love to see how the actors and audience interacted with the work, since this is key to my next iteration.

The Jaaga space was interesting, since the walls were made of mud and recycled or reused materials. A lot of city and traffic noise filtered into the space, which potentially disturbed the performance. With loud traffic noises coming in from the street and the sound of other Jaaga people walking around upstairs, it was necessary for us to use a mike setup. It was tricky to light up the dancer without washing out the installation itself and this is something I will try to resolve in the next few iterations of the work. Especially with the low budget we had, we were looking at creating an experimental work which we could take further.

Another image of the work. Here you can see the mud walls and makeshift space towards the right.

Kids love the installation and immediately play with it and test it's limits.The installation is up for another day so I am looking forward to seeing how others will react to this.

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